a glimpse into charlie’s SNIPER Products history

FM Charlie Storey won four games straight at the British Chess Championship thanks to the Sniper. He had played many King Side Fianchetto Systems but found …c5 Systems offered most chaos. Equality through chaos helped him win over 160 Opens!

Inception of the Sniper Method



  • The Sniper Book was published by EveryMan Chess

  • The White Sniper DVD by Foxy Video


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The Whiter Sniper Manual



The White Sniper six-pack DVD


Charlie Started Created his own Sniper DVDs and Downloads

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The Sniper DVD published by Chessbase which focuses on the Black Sniper.

Charlie had used Chessbase since 1993 and aceived a lifelong dream to become a published Author with Chessbase – The Hollywood of Chess Production. He now claims to be The George Clooney of Chess Presentations!


The year 2020 is a huge year for The Sniper as the team at WordPressWoo.com are developing a monthly subscription site at StoreySniper.com which is dedicated to the Black Sniper and The White Sniper devlopment and history.

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Latest Downloads

Historical Downloads

Play other Sniper Experts

Carlsen on The Sniper

Challenge Charlie at Blitz in The Sniper

Watch charlies Sniper games Live

Webinar with Storey on the Sniper

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The Sniper became one of the top selling Chessbase products and Charlie was asked back to Chessbase to record a new Fritz Trainer DVD called The White Sniper!

It is due for release in late 2019.