The UK’s most qualified and most successful Chess Teacher of aged 7 to 14 year old students, Charles Storey and his 22  hour Chess Boot Camp lasting Friday to Sunday invite players and their family, to visit the beautiful city of Northumberland for a weekend of chess instruction and teaching, offered all year-round.

There are 2 options students can take:

Option 1

You come to Northumberland and enjoy a 4 day stay whilst I work with your child from 9am till 5pm each day (8 hrs)  on Saturday and Sunday. That is 16 hours for Saturday and Sunday.

The Friday night I will work from 4pm to 9pm with the Student and 9pm to 10pm I give the parent advice and tips whilst relaxing.


Fees for the weekend boot camp is 22 hours x £50 = £1,100

Option 2

It is similar to option 1,  but Charles Storey will come to you and  stay in a Local 4 star Hotel (Holiday INN) and travel from Northumberland by train.

The  4 star Hotel is booked and paid for in advance by parent, typically £70 per night if paid 3 weeks in advance.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nights accommodation is needed and I travel back on Monday Morning.


Fees for the weekend boot camp is 22 hours x £50 = £1,100

Travel                                                                                                   =     £200

plus 3 nights hotel accommodation.

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